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Innovating with customers

Our ongoing collaboration with customers helps identify opportunities and understand priorities.

In today’s business climate our customers are not simply looking at supply chain savings to help drive their growth. They also want a global partner who can offer a framework for collaboration: a packaging expert who speaks their language. This is what can help them stay ahead in their markets, and enables us to maintain our competitive edge.

We deliver by examining and using new technologies from other industries, via our supplier collaboration programme, and by leveraging public funding for earlier stage research.

We apply our experience and knowledge not just to can making but also to our customers’ brands. For example, our functionality testing on pouring characteristics and our work on analysing visual impact cues, combined with understanding our customers’ brand proposition and supporting their readiness to launch a product, all help to build broader and deeper partnerships.

Case study: new 400ml Super Sleek® can

Rexam has partnered with Heineken to launch a range of Strongbow Apple Ciders in Rexam’s brand new 400ml Super Sleek® can. This addition to Rexam’s sleek can range provides a stylish on-the-go packaging format, appealing to Strongbow’s key audience of twenty year old males and females.

The only manufacturer in Europe to produce Super Sleek® diameter cans, Rexam’s unique 400ml Super Sleek® with a 202 end provides an additional variation for customers and reaffirms Rexam as a market leader for offering the largest range of can sizes.

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By leveraging operational and business best practices across the Group we enhance our performance and improve our environmental performance year on year.

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