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Things worth knowing

Health & safety

We are committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment for everyone who comes into contact with Rexam, from colleagues and customers to our local communities. Our safety management systems are benchmarked to OHSAS 18001 and we use external auditing and detailed reporting to ensure we minimise health, safety and environmental risks. When you join Rexam you will be expected to play your part in promoting safe and healthy working. This is a responsibility we all share - and we take it very seriously.


The global Rexam team is a diverse community and we truly value diversity in its broadest sense: nationality, culture, gender, education, experience. However, there are challenges in achieving a balanced workforce. For example, women are traditionally under represented in manufacturing industry and we recognise this is an area in which we need to improve our performance.

At Rexam, we treat all our people equally and value the many benefits we receive through our diverse workforce.  We do not tolerate discrimination in the recruitment of our people, selection, training, promotion or dismissal policies and practices. We support The UK Equality Act (2010) which protects employees from any form of discrimination based on their age, disability, religion or belief, gender, sexual orientation, marriage and civil partnership or gender reassignment.

Community involvement

We are often the major employer in the areas where we operate; we always aim to foster positive relationships with our communities. Rexam supports a number of charitable activities at a corporate level, but we strongly believe in local involvement and action that makes a difference. We encourage local management teams to engage with local people in ways that make sense to them, whether through charitable giving, voluntary activity, fund raising or direct community initiatives. One thing is clear: Rexam people like to make a positive difference in the world, inside and outside work.

The Rexam story

How we do it

Achieve best performance

By leveraging operational and business best practices across the Group we enhance our performance and improve our environmental performance year on year.

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