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Our expertise

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We have a number of world class manufacturing sites. All are strategically positioned in regions with a long standing pharmaceutical tradition, which gives us access to a highly skilled workforce and to first class university research facilities. Through our focus on continuous improvement, we have earned a reputation as the leading source for quality standard and custom manufacturing solutions.

Offranville, France

With its widely recognised know how in precision injection blow moulding and injection moulding, Offranville in Normandy, France, is Europe's leading site for the production of primary ophthalmologic packaging. It is equipped with a validated ISO 6 clean room, and holds several Type III Drug Master Files, which enables customers to export packaging to the US market.

Le Tréport, France

Le Tréport, also in Normandy, concnetrates production on metered pumps and valves with their applicators. Precision injection moulding, along with 100% automated assembly, are the core areas of expertise. The production is in ISO 8 clean rooms with local ISO 7 laminar flows. It holds a DMF Type III for its SP270 pump.

Neuenburg, Germany and La Verpillière, France

The Neuenburg site in Germany and the La Verpillière plant in France produce medical devices and drug delivery systems. Here, we specialise in precision injection moulding and high speed multi component assembly, within validated and certified clean room facilities. The range of available clean rooms is from ISO 5 to ISO 7, or Class A to Class B (EU GMP Pharmaceutical Clean Room Classification).

US: Buffalo Grove, West Lafayette and Wheeling

Our facilities in the US are dedicated to medical devices, drug delivery systems and diagnostic disposables such as asthma inhalers, insulin pens, tests packs, syringes, surgical components and diagnostic cards.

Our facilities are equipped to meet any regulatory, engineering or manufacturing challenge with ISO 7 and 8 clean rooms, FDA’s QSR (Quality System Regulation) compliant.


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