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Improving resource efficiency in our operations is at the core of our manufacturing processes. It reduces our carbon and environmental footprint and brings cost benefit to us and the packaging supply chain.

The most notable among our operations awards is The Shingo Prize (generally acknowledged as the highest global recognition for operational excellence) which was awarded to our Aguas Claras plant in Brazil. With only a small number of organisations awarded The Shingo Prize each year, Rexam is part of an exclusive club. In 2013, we received further recognition from the Shingo Institute for our operational excellence in Brazil. The plants in Extrema and Manaus both received silver medals while Cuiabá was awarded bronze.

Award Awarding body Recipient Region
Reducing Energy and CO2 Emissions Certificate AEP Ohio (2012) Fremont, operational excellence North America
Air Quality Award Forsythe County Environmental Assistance and Protection Board (2012) Winston Salem, EHS North America
Energy Efficiency Excellence Award Southern California Gas Company (2011) Chatsworth, operational excellence North America
Pretreatment Excellence Award City of Longview (2011) Longview, EHS North America
The Shingo Prize Utah State University (2012) Águas Claras, operational excellence South America
Shingo Silver Medal Utah State University (2012) Recife, operational excellence South America
Lean Six Sigma Summit: Services and transactions category International Quality and Productivity Center (2011) Operational excellence South America
Lean Six Sigma Summit: Corporate lean enterprise programme category International Quality and Productivity Center (2011) Operational excellence South America

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